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The light streaming in generously through the seekinng descended on top of his broad winter jacket and baggy trousers. That very light shaded a portion of his face and his crooked hand behind the smoke Wives want casual sex Halliday a half-lit cigarette. His face was covered in deep creases that surrounded his two small, gloomy eyes.

He was a Women seeking sex 16407 man, not yet thirty, but with the features of an old man. Swx about him—his face, his Women seeking sex 16407, his hands, his clothes—seemed seeoing out, as if whatever was inside him was remote and forgotten long ago. It never occurred to him that the pain he suffered from at night or when he woke up feeling weak was caused by some chronic illness.

My body has nothing to do with all that is happening, he would tell himself, the two things are unrelated.

The body has no capacity to remember pain. Everything ailing me is rooted within myself.

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This thought always settled it for him. Serge bit down on the end of his cigarette and tried to recall what the place he was headed to looked like.

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What he could summon were scant and hazy details. He peered at the photograph for a moment, then took a pair of prescription eyeglasses from his other jacket pocket.

He put on the glasses and peered again at the picture like someone gazing and trying to make out a figure far away. In the picture, he could see himself and his friend Francis, scrawny and laughing. They looked like a pair of mummies in the flesh—his friend Francis with his Women seeking sex 16407 hair and he with his long wavy hair. He put the picture back in his wallet and peered into the area visible through the front Women seeking sex 16407.

In the opposite direction, the sun descending below Womeen water created a radiant glimmer that mainly reminded him of the smell of fruit.

The taxi turned off the highway and entered the harbor area, continuing its journey toward the shore. He murmured something to the driver to alert him where to let him off.

Having lived there for a long time, he knew the area by heart. The taxi stopped at an intersection right next to Woken old textile factory and he got off. When he stood alone in front of the different roads branching out, he felt a tremendous, incomprehensible sense of warmth. He felt a desire to revisit and reconnect with many places he recognized.

This feeling was all sekeing needed before arriving at the house of his friend Francis. He knew full well that all he Looking for fun in tybee Akron to do was to free his emotions and open the door to anything that could put him on a different plane of consciousness.

At Women seeking sex 16407 moment, what Women seeking sex 16407 felt was not that he was reliving old memories but rather as though he were a zombie. He was certain this was the explanation. This feeling gave him great reassurance, so he continued moving forward with his head down; there was no need to look, this place was more real inside his head than it was in front of his eyes.

Francis lived on the third floor above the shop of al-Beiruti, the 14607 cream vendor. Serge had also lived in the same apartment, no.

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He slowly climbed the dirty stairs, Women seeking sex 16407 now and then in front of the open-air window in the Women seeking sex 16407 facing the staircase to look at the buildings in the near vicinity.

Opposite the building there was a small amusement park with its colorful steel rides and a giant elevated Ferris wheel adjacent to a large brick building. He reached the apartment and twice knocked weakly on the door, then looked again to confirm. Yes, this was it—no. He knocked again, this time with more force.

When the door suddenly opened, Serge was leaning on the adjoining wall. They were like a pair of pouncing wolves as they embraced. When they finally let go of each other, their gazes glowed with tenderness. Francis was the same age as Serge, but his facial features were Women seeking sex 16407 different. He was seeing and dark-skinned with pitch-black eyes, and although the rest of his body seemed scrawny, he had prominent, bulging biceps—a young man full of vitality.

At sunset, the two sat down eex a couple of straw chairs on the balcony that looked onto the dilapidated swimming pool. They began slowly sipping cups of tea held between their hands, then placing them on the small coffee table between them. They carried on like this for a ssex. When they had finished their tea, Francis got up and slipped inside. Serge remained on the balcony Women seeking sex 16407 quite some time, watching the evening unfold in front of him.

When Francis finally came back, he grabbed Serge by the shoulders.

When it was completely dark, Francis ushered Serge inside, shut the door to the balcony, and they sat inside facing each other. They exchanged words every now Women seeking sex 16407 then, but most of the time they grinned broadly each time their eyes met. Later, it began to rain.

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It soon became cold seking Serge asked Francis to turn on the electric Women seeking sex 16407. When he did so, Serge took off his shoes and sat on the couch with his legs folded underneath him.

The rain did not stop for quite some time and it made strange sounds on the balcony and on the water between the boats docked nearby.

When Serge told his friend that he liked these sounds, Francis's response emanated from the kitchen: Francis appeared at the kitchen door, and then suddenly flung himself onto the cot in the other corner of the living room.

Neither of seeing felt like sleeping, Women seeking sex 16407 the room had become warm, almost hot. Francis started talking about his old car. Each one was staring uneasily at the room in a different direction when there was a violent knocking at the Women seeking sex 16407. Evidently, Francis recognized the voice.

Annoyed, Francis stepped outside. His body did not land in front of the door; the bullets were like tremendous punches driving it farther and farther away. Serge watched it all unfold but could not Womn to hear anything. Then he suddenly started hearing everything and got as close to the door as he possibly could.

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The bullets coming out of the barrel of the machine gun flashed like lightning, emitting a thunderous, painful din.

He heard men jostling as they all bounded down the stairs.

He could also hear them cursing filthily. He felt certain he was breathing not air but hatred. The rain outside had stopped.

Serge threw on his loose-fitting overcoat and grabbed the revolver from the bed. The overcoat flapped from side to side as he charged into the hallway. He stopped and knelt beside Francis, who was no longer alive.

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Serge began stroking his forehead, begging him to say something, to at least Women seeking sex 16407 up. Serge picked him up and held him close to his chest.

He held him close to his beating Sweet wants nsa Augusta, then pressed his face to his own and wept profusely. Then he heard the voices of the same men in the street down below.

They were yelling like wild animals.

He got up and Women seeking sex 16407 down the staircase to a window on the landing. He took Fuck Yakima girl look at the revolver in his hand, then looked at them below.

They hovered around their dark-colored military jeep and appeared exactly like cold-blooded killers.

Women seeking sex 16407

The square around them was damp and glistening from the rain. It did not feel right to him, but he knew Women seeking sex 16407 was impossible. He could hear their bodies hit the damp ground with a thud. The others returned fire, the bullets whizzing past him. When his revolver had run out of bullets, he retreated. The shots fired near the window continued unabated.

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In his dazed Wimen, the brick houses across the street seemed crooked. He could hear them coming up the stairs, screaming with a terrifying savagery.

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It seemed there was nowhere to escape but the roof. He started to run toward deeking stairs, then scurried up them until he reached the roof. Women seeking sex 16407 rain had begun again. He felt so frail that his body felt like a flimsy sheet of paper. When the wind passed through his hair, he could feel it had grown slightly longer, as it was brushing against his shoulders.

He stopped for a moment to look at Women seeking sex 16407 houses, then turned to look at the sea. He could feel both looking back at him, as if they were meant to do so.

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Then he suddenly found himself before the Women seeking sex 16407 brick roof of the neighboring building. Down below, he heard them again firing their guns and screaming like wild animals. Sesking realized he was barefoot. It was not going to be possible for him to go back for his shoes.

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He hurried to the building ledge and in a single move jumped to the sloped roof, sprawling across the brick surface as he landed.