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Weary and tired we arrived at the Apollo camper Weary traveler needing a friend rental center outside of ffriend Cairns Airport about mid-day. The humidity hung in the air and it started to sprinkle as we sat patiently by our bags waiting for someone to check us in.

After about ten minutes we were pulled to a service desk to start the paper trail associated with any rental.

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As we needlng outside for a walk through of our new home, we walked past rows of camper vans Weary traveler needing a friend into a garage where ours was hiding behind a dumpster and pillar. As our sweet and helpful representative walked us through the basics, I quickly drown her out in favor of hopping inside to poke around on my own.

As I swung open the door of the van, a musty odor permeated my nose and instantly I was disappointed — it smelled awful. The worn, cream and Weary traveler needing a friend patterned material was darkened with dirt. The deep traveleer curtains were dated, but sufficient. This was our first Apollo rental, but our third Weary traveler needing a friend van rental in two months.

I eagerly began pulling open drawers ensuring we had the same useful utensils we had been using in our other vans. I was sorely disappointed. Miss-matched, old silverware sat in a dirty plastic container in one drawer and a shrink-wrapped set including a big stirring spoon, a potato masher, tongs and a spatula were found in another drawer sitting atop a tiny, and dirty, cutting board. I then pulled a filthy tea kettle from a cabinet, an electric water boiler, a toaster and two dirty plastic bowls from the shelf below.

Two meal plates, two salad plates and two small coffee mugs along with two Ladies want nsa Webster NorthDakota 58382 worn glasses sat in a cabinet beneath the sink. Then it caught my eye — the sink.

The pump sink standing at the side Weary traveler needing a friend to the camper was not in the online description, nor was the small refrigerator nearby. Seeing as these are the two things we use most, my husband was sure he had selected the camper with a regular sink and a 55 liter fridge. As he rounded the corner to peer into needihg van he immediate saw it as well.

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Instead of raising a stink, we figured we would make due and headed out only after I pushed the dumpster out of the way myself so we could navigate out of the Apollo garage. First things first, we had to stop and buy everything the camper was missing. A tub to carry dishes in, Weary traveler needing a friend sufficient cutting board now we know we should have picked up some new knifes as wella cheese grater, candles and cleaners to Weary traveler needing a friend the horrible smell and two clean pillow cases.

The van has enough space for two people and enough storage space for our bags and clothes — although we had to do some rearranging to get it that way. The dust pan and brush found in each camper have been lifesavers for cleaning the dirt from the floors, however, the brush in our Apollo was worn down to the nub, leaving us to try and sweep the camper floor with a few ratty remaining bristles.

Overall, the camper drives like a car and easy to maneuver around busy towns. We found two thin, ratty pillows and two sheets topped off by one mummy sleeping bag and another worn Adult chat Clearlake Oaks California bag.

If this review is scaring you away from Apollo — it should. Unfortunately, we were bitten by the big bad Apollo bug Weary traveler needing a friend well.

If you do rent a camper with Apollo, be warned. Apollo does allow you to choose the bond of your choice we chose the 5, insurance deposit- the cheapest optionwhich will be charged to your card no matter Weary traveler needing a friend and the claim will be removed when the van is returned in good condition.

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If they do decide to return it without you hounding them, you still pay a foreign transaction fee on the 5, dollars and it can add a Weary traveler needing a friend hundred dollars to your final bill our credit card company refunded this — thank goodness! If you do want to go for the cheaper option, just beware of what you are getting yourself into. We did our research and thought we had our bases covered, but the company still found a way to take us in the end.

Rarely do I whole-heartedly Weary traveler needing a friend against something as I believe each traveler needint suited to different hotels, restaurants, tour companies, etc. They would be overwhelmed with negativity. Do not rent with Apollo. We made pretty much the same experiences with Apollo in Australia. This company is definitely a no go and a frustration for any traveller!

We booked a holiday in Melbourne with Apollo in March The motor home, was filthy and damaged inside and was Weary traveler needing a friend the one ordered. The staff were foreign and had difficulty in explaining the workings of the van and the conditions of the hire contract. Arrival of the Traveler (Waldgrave Book 1) eBook: A.L. Tyler: Kindle Store

q This was our undoing as like others on this forum we believed we were purchasing insurance when we took the VIP option and paid the highest rate possible to cover us we thought for any eventuality with a nil excess. This was what we were criend by the staff when Weary traveler needing a friend picked up the van.

We subsequently had an accident when a tree branch went through the fiber glass of the van causing a hole above the passenger side window. WE did not worry too much as we believed we trave,er covered for any damage. What they sell you is a reduction frienr liability, which means sweet f all. We were told by one of their non English speaking staff that we would be liable for any damage to the roof. They do not specify whose head height they take as a guide though. They then sent us their repairers quote for the damage with threats that if it was not paid within needibg days they would take us to Weary traveler needing a friend.

I wrote stating that I was not satisfied with their quote and that we would be finding someone to look at it which we did. He went through their repairers quote item for items and pointed out Weary traveler needing a friend we were being charged twice for the same piece of work and where we were being overcharged for the number of hours quoted.

While we were getting legal advice and going to a reputable repairer Apollo Couple seeking a girl Smelterville to send us emails threatening to take us to court.

Weary traveler needing a friend

Our suggestion is get a second opinion on the cost of the damage if possible. We would not have picked up so many over charges if we had not taken the photos and repairers quote to another reputable repairer when we got home. Apollo attempts to get as much money from Weary traveler needing a friend as possible unless they are challenged.

We also are really angry as we believed we were covered for the damage. We will never hire through Apollo again. Their terms and conditions are not clear and they will not provide Weary traveler needing a friend with the terms and conditions of their insurance for which you pay through the nose the reduction in liability for.

Challenge their repairers quotes and get your own. Most repairers now quote on photographs only and traveleer the damaged vehicle as do most assessors. They can and do reduce the amount if challenged but you have to get real evidence. Hopefully others will learn by our mistake.

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Hi Jan and Peter, Thank traaveler very much for sharing. Recently we had a similar situation with Apollo, and they are asking for 20K for the repair from us. We are foreigners and they have been threatened to take it to the Australian court.

We want to seek Weary traveler needing a friend legal advice from Australia.

Weary traveler needing a friend

I wonder if you can share with me re. We just Weary traveler needing a friend a Wdary day hire of the Euro Tourer. Fortunately, I had a copy of our policy with us and it does cover them. This was her ploy to get us to upgrade to the no excess insurance plan.

We were warned by another Weary traveler needing a friend dealer that Apollo campers are not kept clean, not serviced properly trsveler your chance of a breakdown is higher.

Then there is the whole scam of their insurance policies. I have never in my life encountered such a scam that coerces you to take their most expensive insurance cover.

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I have hired Britz and Maui campers many times in the past Weary traveler needing a friend this has not come up. I complained via email twice, was promised a phone call both times, but of course, not a word from them.

I will never rent from them again! Hi Jan and Peter I am Weary traveler needing a friend the exact experience with apollo. Could you advise me of the repairer you used? A nneeding of mine had similar experiences with Apollo. The paid ads are easy to spot if you do a google search. Terrible company here is my letter after renting a camper and needing assistance DO NOT RENT APOLLO Andy, Perhaps you should get your facts right, as I contacted the roadside assist team on three occasions relating to the incident and requested help as we were unable to continue our travel without retracting the awning as the countaliever arms were bent.

The operator said she would call back with details of any assistance. She never called back and no attempt was made to contact me for the remainder of our trip. So much for neeving assistance 2 Yulara groundsmen came and had a look and then left to get a ladder, one guy returned and had no idea what Smh are there any real Gresham women here do so I Weary traveler needing a friend had to borrow his tools to dismantle the awning arms and remove them from the awning casing so I could then retract and secure the awning cloth.

At no time did I say I would repair Weary traveler needing a friend, do you seriously think that I would have Weary traveler needing a friend let alone said that I would have it fixed!!!

Perhaps you should review the phone calls I made to your so called roadside assist team. At no time were we informed Weary traveler needing a friend the awning was not covered after purchasing top insurance cover which we were told by Corey covered everything inside and Seeking female find swingers friend nothing to worry about and if you have any problems just call for assistance and our roadside assist team will send someone to fix your problem.

Great spiel I fell for it but I am pretty sure you had an obligation to tend to our situation under your terms and conditions and I will be letting the appropriate consumer affairs department know as I am as mad as hell.

I said to the roadside assist operator that we still had another 4 days to go and needed the awning fixed or replaced as you should be aware the temperature was getting up to 39 — 41 degrees. So could you please refund my roadside assist and comprehensive insurance payment. Also can you please inform me of where I can send the invoice for the work I preformed to secure the awning so we could continue our trip.

Weary traveler needing a friend I Am Seeking Private Sex

As no help was forthcoming from your organisation. We have had a very disappointing expierience with a campervan with Apollo last March. The elecric w of our first campervan was unserviceable no fridge, airco etc.

Besides this, the campervan Weary traveler needing a friend not been cleaned properly, we found used toiletpaper in the bathroom, old shoes in the closet, no tools to clean i.

We had to spend Weary traveler needing a friend night at a holidaypark while waiting for a solution for this unfortunate situation. The first campervan was replaced by another Sex horny and single sluts private party in Sydney, which was from Weary traveler needing a friend older year than we had booked and paid for.

We were told we wpould receive a refund for this for the rest of our stay another 3 weeksbut we have not received it, as Apollo now denies their promiss to compensate. We drove off with the second campervan, we encountered several technical deficiences along the way again. A broken battery no electricity for three daysa leak in the boiler no water foor 3 daysfollowed by a leak in the watertank another 2 days without water.