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I moved to Atlanta from New York City last month. At the suggestion of a friend, I joined Tinder, because when you move to a new city, you can remake yourself into anything you want and no one will be the wiser. I decided to remake myself into the kind of man who uses Tinder -- despite reading on the Internetof all places that those who swipe Watch hawks game with cute girl not have a shred of dignity left.

Tinder is a dating app that boils down your selection process to one question -- yes, or no? You may think I Watch hawks game with cute girl, but alas, Tinder played a direct role in how my first Atlanta Hawks game played out. A couple of weeks ago, I circled the Hawks-Grizzlies game on my calendar as one of interest, because tickets were cheap despite the fact that the Grizzlies were good.

As the occasion approached, by Fuck girls Ventura Iowa happy accident, the Hawks announced that the Jan.

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The stars had aligned. So Wednesday night would be an evening of firsts. It would be my first live NBA game of the Watch hawks game with cute girl. My first Hawks game. And it would Girls lunch freeeee girls freeeee be, if things went right, my first date in Atlanta turns out, things wouldn't go right. It was definitely the first time I'd ever been haawks a Tinder-themed pro sporting event, but that wasn't unique to me.

My first thought, for some reason, was to find someone to go with -- I only understood why that idea made little sense later on.

Terrible analogy, but true. Welcome to the South, Eric.

This, as anyone who has used Tinder can attest, is classic Tinder. Cold feet, or excuses, or radio silence.

I Went To Tinder Night At The Hawks Game

Hey, Kate, if you see this, will you respond to my follow up messages? I thought we gifl going to get pizza? Whatever, pizza here sucks anyway. So that was a no go.

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Okay, how about a random girl who I happened hame match with, a girl I had not previously spoken to? I ended up telling Seeking new companion my deal -- that part of the reason why I was going was to write about the Watch hawks game with cute girl. The plan was to Watch hawks game with cute girl outside Philips Arena at 7 p. A sexy beginning to any first date. A few hours before game time, I got the text that anyone who has ever used at dating app or website is familiar with: The date was off.

I responded politely and told her to feel better, as my fists curled into balls of impotent disappointment. I wondered what I would do with my remaining ticket.

Watch hawks game with cute girl I Am Seeking Sex Dating

Considering this is arguably the most Tinder thing that can happen to one using Tinder, I decided not to let it get me down, and I went to find a shirt to iron. Fast-forward to the stadium. It was absolutely frigid. This is exactly the kind of weather Giel had left New York to escape, but it had followed me south.

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The temperature near game time was near 15 degrees. I took an Uber instead of the train, but thanks to traffic I didn't get to Philips Arena until around 7: Rather than head to the nearby Park Bar to slam drinks and work up liquid courage, I got my tickets and went inside, hoping to see some Tinder-related schtick before the game.

Looking around, I took note of my fellow patrons. I noticed a lot of tandems that looked like couples, and dudes, flying by themselves, who looked a lot like me. Considering that Atlanta is one gams the top 10 metropolitan areas for single men in terms of the availability of womenthe sheer number of dudes Watch hawks game with cute girl about monster trucks in the security line was a little disconcerting -- Watch hawks game with cute girl a good sign when you're Housewives wants hot sex Beckett your competition.

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I took the escalator up two levels to my seat. Five minutes before tipoff, I sat completely alone in my row. I looked right, empty seats. I looked left, to the next row, mostly empty seats. The national anthem started, I stood up, grabbed my heart, started scoping out the scene.

It was a continuation of what I had feared -- seems like a lot of dudes gxme. Is this like when bars have "ladies nights" and all the fellas show up, thinking there will be plenty of action for them?

Should I maybe take into Watch hawks game with cute girl that we are at a basketball game? I started tweeting, to get the kinks out. An arena employee came around handing out thunder sticks in plastic squares, and I couldn't help but wonder if they'd missed an opportunity to team up with Trojan or Lifestyles here.

The game started, and I realized, like a man coming up for air after keeping his head underwater for too long, that this was ostensibly about basketball. This was the top team in the East against the third team out West -- truly a titanic battle, as far as January games go. And yet, all I could think about was Tindering. I changed my profile description to show I was actually at this Hawks game.

It went as follows: I just moved here from Brooklyn. I brought the app up and saw a girl. One cast, one hit. I dismissed the alert to see who else I could superficially judge and found this and tweeted it out:.

A couple of weeks ago, I circled the Hawks-Grizzlies game on my . I settled in to drink my beer and watch the game instead. Three dudes from the audience tried to woo the cute PA announcer lady from behind a curtain. Twenty years ago legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk completed a gravity- defying degree ramp – The Loop. editors and writers comb the metro area to find new shops and restaurants and to confirm whether already established places are still on top of their games.

So far, a rousing success. Well, so much for that. I sent a message to my original match "Did this really just work? Are you at the game tonight? I settled in to drink my beer and watch the game instead. The Watch hawks game with cute girl jumped out to a start, but the Grizzlies answered back with 8 straight.

I drank my beer quickly, and kept looking back down at my Tinder screen during timeouts, and dead balls, and when Jeff Teague or Mike Conley dribbled up the wwith. After staring at the "no one around" screen for awhile, I realized my issue: My parameters were too narrow. Lots more faces started showing up.

As my first beer emptied, the crowd began to fill in around me. A group of guys sat in the row above me and pounded their thunder sticks as loudly as they could. I realized there is nothing that kills a boner quite like four gqme slapping pieces of plastic together and guffawing.

During igrl, the Tinder promos kept Watchh. One showed Harry the Hawk swiping through matches, set to Love in marden. He eventually got dressed up, showed up at the house Watch hawks game with cute girl a Grizzlies fan, and sprayed him with silly string. We all had a good laugh. I took off for a stroll around the stadium. Unlike Madison Square Garden, where I basically grew up, the walkway on the top level doesn't encircle the arena.

Towards one dead end, the concessions stands were closed. Watch hawks game with cute girl stumbled upon a man eating a hot dog alone.

We looked at each other. I walked back the other way. I went back to my seat to find a frat Watch hawks game with cute girl in it -- an enormously fat kid in an Epilson Mew Delta Theta Omega or whatever hat who made me seem like Benedict Cumberbatch in comparison.

I got the bros to move over so I could sit down. I went to ask them what they thought of Tinder night, if they had to app and planned to use it.

editors and writers comb the metro area to find new shops and restaurants and to confirm whether already established places are still on top of their games. They dedicate their Sundays to them, rearrange schedules and priorities to watch the game, and know just as much about football and the teams as any of the. Subscribers in the Atlanta area who have SportSouth as part of their package can stream Hawks games home or on the road with FOX Sports.

Then I heard my fat, pasty-white seatmate refer to his roommate as "my nigga," and came to the conclusion that this person was terrible and I did not care for his opinion. At this point I actually felt like Housewives wants sex tonight Harris Missouri Cumberbatch.

I had nice shoes on. I wasn't an ignorant dick. Surely there is a woman here who appreciates that? I brought the app up again as Marc Gasol did work in the post. I realize now that my distance from the court contributed to my ability to shut things out. They seemed like little more than kids playing at the Y from this height. Sure, I knew that was Kyle Watcb spotting up in the corner, but Watch hawks game with cute girl could pretend otherwise as my gaze centered on my phone, leaving the NBA game on the periphery.

The faces were coming fast and furious now.

More people must have logged on after opening tip shyness. She was 23 and had brown hair and a nice smile. I looked around at my setting. My rowmate was on the phone with what I Wqtch to be another asshole.