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Washington men an women having sex

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A University of Washington-led study finds differences in the ways men and women see motion.

That evolutionary success attests to the importance of visual motion processing, and why there may be specialized regions of the brain specifically dedicated to this functionresearchers say.

To shed light on how neurons havving in these regions, researchers can look for small differences in motion perception among groups of people. In an article Washington men an women having sex Aug.

The study, which involved more than adult men and women, shows Washington men an women having sex both males and females are good at reporting whether black and white bars on a screen are moving to the left or to the right — requiring only a tenth of a second and often much less to make the right call. But, compared to men, women regularly took about 25 to 75 percent longer.

They note that faster motion processing has been observed in individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder ASDdepression, and in older individuals. The authors speculate that this regulatory process may also be weaker in the male brain, allowing males to process visual motion faster than females.

Because boys are about four times more likely to be diagnosed with ASD than girls, the researchers included sex as a factor in their analysis of the control group, the members of which did not have ASD. The sex difference in visual perception of motion became immediately apparent.

Washington men an women having sex To confirm the findings, the researchers asked other investigators who had used the same Washimgton in their own experiments for additional data Women want sex Blairsburg larger numbers of study participants.

And those independent data showed the same sex difference pattern. So far, the difference between males and females appears to be specific to motion — there were no differences in performance in tasks that involved other types of visual information.

Overall, according to the study, the results show how sex differences can manifest unexpectedly. The results also highlight the importance of considering sex as a potential factor in any study of perception or cognition.

The results also provide a new window into differences in neural mechanisms that process visual information, Tadin said. In further studies, the researchers hope to discover the underlying differences in the brain that may explain this discrepancy in visual motion processing between males and females.

Ultimately, researchers say, this research might even yield new clues for understanding a vexing question: The study was funded by the National Institutes Wahington Health. For more information, contact Murray at somurray uw.

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