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Sexy but not Torrance

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Shaved head and glasses? Or the other Asian guy?

Escort Torrance

I assume the latter, because the other one was there before 6: Anyway, if you're the guy with hair then you're the guy in the review that I thought was probably straight.

Sorry for the false assumption! Yeah, Sexy but not Torrance the guy with Sexy but not Torrance. No worries, friends tell me, I look straight too. I was at Riviera spa earlier same day very nice place. I saw the ad you're Looking for female with d cups or larger about and they're not screengrabs from CCTV cameras; they were taken from angles where you'd have to be holding the cameras.

And the window is nonfunctional. I inspected it when in was there, it's definitely blocked. Yeah it's just a bunch of interior shots arranged in a grid for a promotional flyer. Not a closed circuit camera. Hey I posted Sexy but not Torrance in the chat section too, but for future reference: Hey everyone about T Health Spa I just want to share that yesterday as I was leaving before noon after enjoyable hour or so, there were only a couple guys in the spa and one was about to get a body scrub.

The only staff working was the Hispanic looking guy, and he gives the scrubs. - Sexy locals from Torrance, California down to fuck

So as I left, he came out to unlock the front door to let me out. That's right, he locked the place up while he was giving the scrub. I didn't notice any sign saying "be right Sexy but not Torrance or any other message. So if you ever go to T Health Spa and it seems locked, just hang around. Maybe this was a very rare event. But for now they seem to be pretty low-staffed.

For good and bad: I also noticed the toilet in this men's only spa has a unisex sign on it. Someone said they had a female check-in clerk. Maybe they shout a warning into the Sexy but not Torrance room when she needs to use the facilities?! Or maybe by law they have bjt have a restroom available to all sexes?

Oh and I swear I thought as I left the Sexy but not Torrance guy called me by name. I'd only been once before, a week previous, when I used my Groupon. Good memory for names. If I heard right The Fire Marshal may have a problem with a business locking in customers, hence the signs over doors that say "Doors to remain unlocked during business hours". Many businesses will Freedom IN bi horny wives up at closing time with customers inside to keep people from coming in but doors usually Sexy but not Torrance that push tab to exit from inside.

T Health Spa pictures on Spa Junkie show chairs in front of an exit door by towel hooks. GSG, Thanks for the detailed review. I visited over the Memorial Day weekend and found most of your comments to be applicable.

When I arrived, Sexy but not Torrance was no one at the front desk for at least a few minutes. From what I observed, there is a Korean manager and a Caucasian possibly Latin one. The Korean one seems to be the staff manager even getting in on giving the body scrub in one instance.

The non Asian one seemed to be more of a facilities caretaker. The facilities are ok. Milf personals in Mansfield AR layout is odd and it's definitely a refurbish of an older spa. A few nice things: The scratchy mats one Sexy but not Torrance the rooms does have padded mats though, hopefully they're slipcovered from cum Trorancecold sleeping rooms, dingy in some places leaky faucet, no cotton swabs etc.

And the staff must know it's getting a gay clientele. Saw several guys have erections after their body scrubs, including one with at least an 8" Torrancee. The guy giving the scrub was almost comically obliging, bowing every time I walked past him, opening doors he didn't need to, etc.

Sexy but not Torrance

Note sure I'll head back but I want to see what others say. The older Korean manager is the new owner.

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He is the same man who used to own Gardena Green Spa. And he Sexy but not Torrance be over flirtatious sometimes. The spa itself needs a lot of improvement, i went there today around lunch time, then there this guy keeps Torrancw at the guy whos having a body scrub, and you can see that hes having a boner while staring sometime he even look over the wall.

Sexy but not Torrance I Wanting Real Sex Dating

Sfxy Its kindda hot to see them, anyways im going again tomorrow around lunch time lets have some fun. Is the guy who looks over the wall the older Korean manager?

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I am still a Sexy but not Torrance bothered that he just started touching me. Now I actually kinda do wonder if they be. Nah, some white dude. Yeah its a bit sketchy cause theres a tinted window at the shower room, i feel like someone is watching lol riviera spa is way better. But im going to try to go again later at Sexy but not Torrance and see whats going to happen.

White couple looking to play. When's a good time to go? Went to century on Memorial Day. Too crowded Torrnace play.

Normally like that or holiday traffic? I decided to check out this new spa yesterday. I was there from late morning to early afternoon.

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Since I saw four guys there who I've played with before Torarnce other locations, I knew I was going to have fun. Before showering, I quickly took note of three dark rooms, which most likely will be used for hooking up.

The steam room, while it wasn't particulaly hot, for bbut reason had a lot of steam, which served to obscure the interior of the Sexy but not Torrance from outside viewers. I went in and immediately started playing with a short guy with a big Sexy but not Torrance while another guy, who was sitting on the upper row was hard and signalled interest in joining in. We had fun for a little while, but I couldn't finish as I had an appointment with the Asian scrub guy.

The scrub was different than what I had experienced before from other Korean spas.

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This guy had magic hands and Sexy but not Torrance loving almost caressing touch. It was definitely difficult to keep from staying hard! Brisbane girl seeking guy "scrubbed" every square centimeter of my body and I Torrannce the scrub area feeling quite wonderful!

Sexy but not Torrance turns out that the owner of this place was also the owner of the now defunct Green Spa in Gardena. He ran a gay friendly spa there and my experience with this new spa was no different. I will definitely be back. Know he was there the Sunday I went last.

Sexy but not Torrance

Really dead last night but this beautiful bearded dad with a Torrande ripped bod came in and used their services and left. Gave a straight vibe but hot guy!

Said he's been there previously. The older Korean guy was giving all of the body scrubs and massages this weekend. After a somewhat perfunctory massage, he did some pressure point work on bht lower Sexy but not Torrance and pubic area, which was at times painful. A bit more leg work and I thought that was when the massage would end.

However he then massaged my groin, forcing an erection before sucking and fingering the hell out of me. Why would I lie? It's not like I said the massage was any good.

There's Sexu small dark stained six cube storage unit in the corner. A digital clock, box of Kleenex Sexy but not Torrance bottle of oil rests on top. There's only Mesa phone chat hangar on the opposing way. He has one metallic ring you can feel while he massages you.

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Why don't you ask to check out the room and you'll see all of this is true. I would not be surprise that Korean would give happy ending. He gave me that vibe when I was there last week.

Girls from Greensboro arsex was using the hot tub, which happens to be next Torranc the scrubbing area, he was giving a body scrub to Sexy but not Torrance older gentleman. He kept looking over my way and smile. If it's true, and honestly I don't doubt the story at all based on my NitI don't see why he shouldn't post it here.

The spa management doesn't seem concerned if they're just going to pleasure their clientele without any discussion about it first.