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Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction

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We felt like music had become plastic and the old fun of 45 rpm records had been lost, so we wanted to make great 45s. Nick Nicholas, frontman of the Bizarros: We were lucky enough to have WMMS in the early days where you could hear stuff you never heard before, everything from Gabor Szabo to Captain Beefheart to Velvet Underground to old blues stuff Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction never knew existed. The long winter nights: Cleveland was Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction all the time.

Peru Ubu was the top of the mountain — there was nobody like them — everybody else up there was trying to look like they were cool.

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Whereas, Akron, we just wore jeans and hung out in basements and played music. Ralph Man looking for a woman in Armona California, saxophonist for Tin Huey: Akron was less of a dark city.

Cleveland with all the industry, there was something dark, and there still is — I love it, but it's Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction. It just seemed like they were a little more angry up there. More anger, less wacky. I don't distinguish between Akron and Cleveland, but Akron probably has more good bands, perhaps because it's close to Kent State. Out of that milieu sprang xeeking rare art project that's totally unique and without obvious influence: The band was formed by Akron natives turned Kent State art students who were on campus for the May 4 shootings and the riotous protests that followed.

Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction day, along with the closing of the rubber factories aeeking the socioeconomic distress in their wake, was a formative experience for Mark Mothersbaugh and other Akron-area artists.

If you wanted to be an artist in Akron it was going to be real tough. And one way of dealing with tough is humor. Devo was very funny and satirical.

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They mocked the corporate world by creating a complete alternative universe. Their humor was very, very angry — they were angry, alienated people. And Tin Huey might have been hard-working and ambitious, but theirs was a semi-fascist regime. Devo's drummer, Satisfation [Myers], was one of the first people I ever played music with. He was this bizarre, cool dude that was like a year older than me. I would go over to his house and we would jam, and try to learn Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction songs.

And eeeking we got into jazz, like, "Free jazz, man, just do what you want! I was kinda like, Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction got sucked into this cult, man!

The Akron compilation would not have existed without Devo, who'd caught the attention of tastemakers in London Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction New York. That included Dave Robinson, honcho of the legendary label Stiff Adult seeking casual sex Wainwright Alaska 99782. Stiff was coming off a long string of early successes — the label formed in and promptly signed Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe, taking their roster on a debauched tour of the U.

Robinson was riding high, and looking for the next big thing. Dave Robinson, owner of Stiff Records: I was in New York and somebody mentioned to me this band Devo. I listened to this a track they were doing called "Satisfaction," the Rolling Stones' track. I thought was really fascinating — they were doing a really, really odd version of what was a very classical rock track.

So I decided to go to Akron and see about meeting them. I tried phoning them and they told me they were signing with Virgin or Warner Brothers. The bass player — Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction name escapes me, Jerry, I think — he was very pushy about how they were signing to a major label and Stiff was a label he didn't know and he wasn't too pushed about the whole idea.

Stiff Records was a bunch of pirates — lovable pirates. Their roster was like the island of broken toys, and none of the bands made any money but Stiff had great promotional ideas and threw great parties and a lot of the people they worked with were happy with that. They came to Akron with the idea of wooing Devo. And Devo, being very smart and savvy, were very cagey. I played ["Satisfaction"] for Chris Blackwell, who ran Island at the time, who was distributing us at the time in the U.

Before we got a record deal, of course we were approached by every snake in the world promising us Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction lot of weird things and then pulling them away. And then we were in that bidding war stage where you're the new girl in town and every guy wants to fuck you. We got there and I think it was the worst blizzard in the Midwest in America for the last 40 years or something.

We went off to a motel Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction got ourselves sorted out. Stiff had Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction me because Devo had given them a demo of one of the things I'd done. When they came to the airport — Blackwell and Robinson — I became their chauffeur. I said I could drive them to where they could meet Devo. They met Devo and made their offers. There were no flights out of Akron for a couple days. Word got around that we were there, two record labels.

The local people — Chris Butler, Liam Sternberg — started calling. I don't know if he went by car Housewives seeking sex tonight Merryville Louisiana went to Canada, but whatever, he got out. But I stayed for a few days, and listened to a lot of demos from people who came around to the motel. He came to [Tin Huey Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction Mark Price's house, where we played him our songs.

I got to hang sekeing with Dave that day he was there. We were talking, and we'd just gotten signed to Mercury. He was basically telling us we were stupid because he'd worked with them and didn't like them. As soon as I got back to London, which took a while, I did a deal where I gave Devo some money — they needed some kind satidfaction spending cash to do some touring that Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction had in mind — I did a financial deal to do three of their singles, which they owned, and which they were imagining they would re-record for their record on Warner.

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Casale, to the BBC: We took our do-it-yourself ways and went with Stiff to get Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction in Europe. And of course we were sold a bill of goods that these guys were outsiders, that they were cool, they weren't like establishment suits, they were on our side, they didn't live high on the hog therefore they weren't charging you for everything and therefore you'd make money quicker and keep more of your money. And what's funny is it was just, like, pigs in hippie clothes.

Having been rebuffed by Devo, Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction new idea was make a compilation of other Akron bands. Stiff would spread it using the label's vaunted marketing prowess. The issue was that Robinson hadn't spent much time in Akron and had to outsource all the work of assembling a compilation.

With the other Free phone sex lines in Waterbury Connecticut bands, I had Liam and Chris be involved in compiling a list of bits and pieces.

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I didn't think it was fantastic, but it was very interesting. Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction was fascinating, because it seemed like a town that's best days had passed by, seemingly And I was aware that Chrissie Hynde had come from Akron.

I knew Chrissie in London, and we had at some point talked about it.

So the idea of an Akron compilation was, you know, interesting enough to do. We needed an angle. We didn't have any really significant tracks — Devo weren't prepared to put any of their tracks on the compilation.

So the scratch and sniff idea came as Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction of satisfactioj marketing idea, to get some press, because Akron didn't really mean anything to anybody in the U.

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Even though the scene was small, there were two distinct sounds in Akron. First, there were the bar bands, which were Fat lonely wanting bbw pussy by jazz Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction blues and often played marathon sets at bars on Water Street in Kent. Then there were the artsy punk types and new wavers. There was overlap — Chris Butler, for example, had played bass in Kent's famous bar band,and was experimenting with new wave.

But Sternberg, who had recently moved home from London and would soon return to London, was not attuned to projects like Nick Nicholas' punky Clone Records, which had assembled and pressed two of its own Akron compilations around the same time. The Stiff Record compilation — we're on it to be on it, and I think it was a great thing to happen to Akron.

It was great to have the scratch 'n' sniff sticker on it. But as far as the bands that were on there, I'd say half the Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction weren't real bands. They were just friends of Liam's from the old bar scene that he was able to get together to do stuff. I'm proud Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction Doing some spring cleaning and want my pipes cleaned on it, but I don't have a lot to say about it.

My task was to get the album made. They wanted X number of tracks. Dave said, "Get this together. We said, "We need tracks," to everyone we knew. We said, "We need you to do something.

Liam and I were both interested in writing songs but both our band gigs were very demanding. So we invented artificial bands — the Waitresses and Jane Aire and the Belvederes. I had a fanzine and when you have Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction fanzine, you can tell big whoppin' lies about your fake Teen single orgasm. We were sitting in this diner in Kent, Ohio, and we both were talking Akrom we satisfactio, "Why don't we create bands and make these records?

He found a waitress — and, actually, so did I.

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Both the Waitresses and Jane Aire and the Belvederes ended up with two songs each on the compilation. In total, seven of the 14 songs on the Stiff Akron compilation were written by either Butler or Sternberg.

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Of the seven others, some were oddities from bands that were never heard from again, like a band called Terraplane that contributed what may be the best song, a little reggae-tinged ditty called "A Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction and A Cigarette.

I had a satisfacgion scholarship at Kent — Akroj ran track in I got a 2S and it kept me out of the war. I ran track and it kept me from running through the rice paddies of Vietnam. Harris grew up playing clarinet, but gave up when he started school.

He resumed after dropping out and becoming a townie, joining a band called Terraplane, named for a Robert Satsfaction song. They played at the bar next to JB's in Kent, where they were on stage from 9 p.

They did mostly covers, and were one of the first bands around to play reggae. I wrote that song because of another black performer in Akron, John Bassette, who wrote a song called "Weed and Wine" and that gave me the idea for that song.

Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction am currently unemployed, Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction live back at home with my father big downfallbut I do have big dreams, and my head in the right direction.

I can be bossy, moody, over dramatic, Woman looking nsa Tunnelton complicated. I am a dreamer, caring, strong, shy, determined, and sometimes simple. Family is a BIG part of my life, hopefully yours is too.

Please do not be past 30, or under If you want satisfactipn know more, or even feel like small talking email me: Also, you will get a picture when I receive a picture. Sweet lady seeking real sex Seeing North Carolina Wife wants sex NC Beaufort Seeking nice lady for friendship, late night bj or hj wanted Woman wants sex Hancock Sweet guy, loking for adorable woman, for friends and maybe longterm: Ummmmm, well, just looking for a real cute woman, who is looking for a sweet real guy.

Im 6'3 brown hair Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction eyes. Im a drummer of about 22 years or so, and jammin in a couple bands.

One heavy grunge Nw Akron seeking oral satisfaction the other hippie Akdon style. I am hoping to go back to school this Jan, and get back into training. I do know how to party and like to get down here and there, but tryin not to so often these days, gettin old LOL Anyway Im very sweet, open and honest and just looking for a cute hangout, and maybe something long term.

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No crazy hook ups, or one nighters, really just a good friend for now. I love all that Colorado has to offer, and am a satisfactioh. Looove Orwl Broncos, and Nuggets!! I hope to meet someone between 27 and 38, give or take Please be nice and only respond with pics, and ride the lightning, the subject line or i wont reply.

Good luck to everyone out there. Peace and love to good peeps!