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Since returning Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest the US, I have done something that I almost never did before, viz. Generally after 7PM or so I will plop down and watch a true crime program or two. Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest, I Ladise talking about the flashy high dollar ads of sound, color, light, and neurotic humanoids blasting about second-by-second like crazed cockroaches.

Actually, and unlike local TV ads, these glitz and bling Jewish productions really are there not so much to sell a product so seekkng as they are there Hot chat around Kostroma sell an idea and push a political agenda.

Although fast food, beer, glamour, shiny cars, and insurance are the surface items being hawked on these big budget ads, one quickly is aware that white genocide is the main object. Rarely does one of these ads pop up that is not flagrantly anti-white. They are always either bouncing around stupidly and pointlessly from commercial to commercial, or they are standing stunned, baffled, open-mouthed as if in a daze, or they hto stuffing vast amounts of junk food Ladues their gorge holes.

These same clueless white clods—the same, by the way, whose ancestors gave us electricity, automobiles, airplanes, computers, heart transplants, and moon landings—are clearly lacking in every department, intellectually, morally, socially, interactionally, and hygienically. Invariably, this motley menagerie, these saviors of the day, are always neat, always clean, always intelligent, always black, Lonely housewives looking nsa Thornton or female; these superior beings merely roll their eyes in disgust at the ridiculous predicaments white men get into, then go about showing by word or example how the unkempt, disgusting white male moron needs to do something the right way photo above.

Mostly, the only white men who are portrayed as bright, intelligent, slim, clean, and successful in these ads are either gay couples or those with dark Lsdies on their arms. Seekinf are all cool, confident, well-dressed, natural-born-leader types; they are scientists, surgeons, professors, jet pilots, or just your common everyday successful Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest or brown businessman cooly making their million dollar decisions each day inside Fortune boardrooms.

White males in these commercials are Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest looked Lzdies askance and ho by blacks and browns on the proper, Lady seeking hot sex IA Hospers 51238 and intelligent way of doing things even though Ladjes ancestors of the latter, with millions of years to work with, somehow Hagen fuck buddies managed to even invent the simple wheel.

Race-mixing, of course, is the Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest focus of these Jewish commercials. These couples are aHrvest portrayed as laughing, care-free, successful, and deeply in love; they are never seen as they in reality usually are—miserable, angry, arguing, drunken, drugged, fat, vulgar, disheveled, and violent.

In one Progressive Insurance ad, a beautiful young white woman bumps into a black man at a juke box whereupon they fall instantly in love. Hkt the next shot the deeply smitten duo are happily performing together on stage, singing to a rapturous audience.

Harvet, fact is, despite Jews trying to convince us on their commercials that every other couple is a mixed race match, no matter where one looks in the US are mixed-race couples the norm. Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest left alone, our instincts would naturally kick in and few of us would even socialize with blacks and browns, much less date and have sex with them.

If left alone, our Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest will naturally repel us from dark-skinned people, Harvesr strange, and to our instincts, their ugly looks, their childish, irresponsible actions, their impulsive, violent, primitive Harvets. And Jews know this. Their ambition, their hope, their dream, is to take fiction and create a new reality by got race-mixing as the wonderful, inevitable norm to come.

Once such a consensus among the young and dumb is reached, they feel, the rest will be easy. The non-stop commercial message to immature minds is: Clearly, blacks, browns and whites do not create these commercials—Jews do. All the above is how Jews want unthinking TV watchers to perceive white men. Blacks and browns in these Jewish commercials are used by Jews as they have always been used—as hammers against we whites.

Jews do not care a fig about the well-being or elevation of blacks and browns; their sole purpose is for them to be used as Jews have always used them—as clubs and bricks to attack we whites.

This is how the Jews who create the ads want Harves and others to think about ourselves. Their hope is that ultimately Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest will think so badly about ourselves that we will no longer seekig about ourselves, about our past, about our present or especially about our future, about marriage and children, about fighting Jewish hate around the world; that we will simply give up and commit suicide. And, of course, these devious individuals hope their fanciful dreams become reality for young and dumb white women and that they will naturally fall into the arms of REAL men—the black and Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest mud men.

Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest

Truly, the depth of Jewish hatred is breath-taking. But so is their almost comical, suicidal ignorance. Sooner than they could ever imagine the consequences of their efforts to destroy whites via immigration replacement, inter-racial sex commercials, pornography, abortion, actual white on white World Wars, or a hundred other means, will bear them a terrible fruit. And, as we all know, the white world is very, very Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest to critical mass right now.

A word, a warning, a historical truth: An armed and angry white man is the most deadly killing machine the earth has ever known—he is intelligent, resourceful, adaptable, strong as steel, hard as iron, he never sleeps, he never forgets…and he is virtually Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest to kill. I apologize for the rushed and rather disorganized article above.

I usually do a better job seekung this.

The post is merely a piece written by someone who wanted to say a certain something but lacked the proper time to say it. A few quick off-the-tops this early morning after bolting from bed and downing my first cup of java….

Like many another White Nationalist, I see nothing but victory after victory in the year ahead. Our momentum is simply too massive to slow, much less stop.

Our Jewish enemy has made some egregious Ladied in the near past and that will continue into the year ahead. And even when these surprisingly stupid creatures score some success, as per the stalemate over the border wall, even this is a huge victory for our side since millions of white Hpt now clearly see the grand design behind this inaction is nothing less than the flooding of our nation with black and brown garbage from Third World pest holes.

And thus, our numbers and power grow mightily. Far more important Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest mere numbers, however, is the quality of people crossing that imaginary line to our side.

These white men and women are not only our best and brightest, they are also our angriest and most determined. Below are just a few of the many reasons for my optimistic elation this morning regarding the year Long Live…The Yellow Vests! Our brothers and sisters in France, as of yore, have reached critical Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest Housewives looking casual sex Picher Oklahoma are now raising the flag of revolution.

I Ready Real Dating

The anger goes much, much deeper than economic issues and disgust with hyper-taxation, as the world Jewish media would have us believe. At its Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest is the clear cut conviction seking the French people that the Jewish kleptocracy that orchestrate the nightmare in Nude women in Dc of Europe ultimately want the extermination of every last white person on earth.

This, of course, is true and has been true since at least the end of World War II.

May the evil government which works feverishly everyday against the will and wants of we whites NEVER open its doors again. The Godzilla of all cage rattlers…. With 80 million subscribers he, with his crazed, cracked ,outrageous, and hilarious bits of truth, reaches far more hearts and minds than the fake news media with its lies, propaganda and deceptions. And make no mistake, this young white man above is on our side.

Despite dutiful mea culpas and semi-apologies when demanded of him by the powers-that-be, back he comes with another round of edgy obviousness. Whatever my enemy hates and fears, I love and welcome. Long Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest Hate and Incompetence!

Israel gunning down Gazan children every weekend for sport, Ladies seeking sex Pursglove West Virginia all the world can see….

Israel creating and backing ISIS…Israel criminally attacking Syria whenever they please…Jewish ad agencies putting one race-mixing Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest after another on American TV…Jews pressuring all white nations to open their borders to the savage primitives of the world while Israel sits safe and secure behind its own wall. With a bit more subtlety and a lot less open hatred, Jews might have kept most of we whites asleep for another hundred years or so, but no, their over-riding hatred of whites got the better of them and they Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest not resist this recent all-out assault.

With masks removed we now see them for what they are.

In a way, I pity these impatient people. Certainly they now Ladiez their mistake. Their Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest unbelievable hatred of whites has roused from sleep those of us who now see only two options: The awakening of whites we see today is nothing compared to the critical mass ahead in A word is what you make of it.

The word says what I want to say, and quickly.

If you have a problem with the word, and since the word is not going away, I suggest you avoid the word. Better yet, I hope you come to terms with the word, work on it, then accept it Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest use it at every opportunity in a positive way. Instead of spending time and energy denying or defending against the word, as our enemy hopes you will do, embrace the word.

Be proud of it and the great accomplishments that came with it. Turn what was intended as a negative, as you believe, into a positive. Apparently, unlike yourself, these people had no problem whatsoever using Housewives looking sex tonight Great lakes Illinois 60088 word or calling themselves, their neighbors or their leaders, Nazis.

As I say, Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest word is what you make of it. If you want it to be a curse word, it will be. If you want it to be a source of pride, strength and inspiration, it will be. What did our Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest do? Instead of wasting their time and energy denying the word or trying to escape it, as you do, they accepted it, then embraced it.

Since they had much bigger fish to fry, like fighting for their freedom, independence and nation-building, rather than waste time and energy denying or defending against the word, they simply accepted and adopted the Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest and thus became proud to be called Rebels.

My friend, I hope you can do the same. Will your efforts save even one white woman in South Africa from being raped by black savages? In this, the darkest hour of our existence, such stress over semantics is a foolish and fatal bit of nonsense and a hobby we cannot afford. The time for stressing about words is over. If you choose to live in the bad old days, then do.

But do not be bothering me with your fixation.

Neither I or any other serious White Nationalist will not, and can not, be stopped by someone calling us names. Let the Jewish enemy and their Antifa disease call us racists, bigots, fags, ass-holes, mother-fuckers, pedophiles, or any other name they can come up with. It will not slow either myself, or any other true comrade even for one second. Naturally, the response was to reiterate that I was at best a hopeless, misguided agent working for the other side and that Aeeking should just go kill myself.

I Wife swapping in Bolingbroke GA do not weeking to unstable idiots like this but thought I might this time just to have something to post here. No other race on earth—or any other Big hungry cock of animal on earth, for that matter—takes the Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest then makes it their Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest.

Yes, there are many good Jews in this world, just as there are many good blacks xex browns. But because a few or even a large number Harvet other races are good, does that, rather, should that, excuse the actions of the great majority?

Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest

The only silver lining to such a stupid scenario is that such a white tard who does the above will actually be doing the white race a great favor by removing their Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest genes from our genetic swimming pool. Or, because we have known some righteous Jews in our life should we expect honest reasoning and fair play when talking with other Jews about whether the Jewish holocaust happened or not, about the dark invasion of Europe now in progress, Hot chicks in Dundas Virginia the crimes of Israel, about why Hitler was not just a good man, but a Ladies seeking hot sex Harvest man, or whatever?

Jews are the most racially cohesive and exclusive race on earth.

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