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Cute smart genuine guy looking for date this weekend Looking Adult Dating

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Cute smart genuine guy looking for date this weekend

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I am a African American and not a fem,but I'mjust myself. I'm waiting for someone weekene carries herself well, is waiting for something simple and clean cut. I definately would love to hear from you. Im 19 years old and looking for a long term relationship. PHONE SEX NOW seeking for fun over the now.

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City: Tacoma, WA
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For me, the sexiest thing a man can have is a good head on his shoulders. Intelligence wins over any looks you Cute smart genuine guy looking for date this weekend throw at me. I get totally weak in the knees over a man who is able to keep a great conversation with me, keep me interested, help me learn. I find a smart man to be the sexiest of all. Here are ten sexy-smart things that men do that totally make us swoon, Every. Have a deep, passionate interest in something.

And I totally love it. Read — of your own accord!

It means that he wants to get lost in a good story, or learn something. He wants to feed his brain. And that kind of investment is better than any time in the gym.

Cute smart genuine guy looking for date this weekend

Use a rich but not pretentious vocabulary. But it has to Interracial grannies Killeen genuine: Know what your dreams are … and chase after them. I once dated a guy who wanted to act.

And he was incredibly talented! But he never made any real steps towards realizing it and he ended up in some humdrum job he totally hates. Have dreams, no matter how big, and go after them — that determination gets us going more than you can imagine. Talk to me for hours about any topic under the sun. Have not only Ladies want casual sex Linthicum intelligence, but emotional intelligence.

Intelligence is great, but you need to be able to get in touch with your emotions. A man with emotional intelligence is a man who is emotionally available. Life is confusing and tricky, but if you have the basics together: A developed palette shows interest, passion, and autonomy.

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Henuine site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I find that pretty sexy. No swooning every single time.

There are too many people that are easily lead and it will never end well when people follow and aspire to wwekend someone else says they should be feeling, doing, etc. I really love GMP but sometimes find myself shaking my head at the choices of articles published. I guess this is just an opinion of one intelligent woman.

But good to know though. Well everyone is right everyone is perfect just stick to yourself arousagand….

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Keep up guys be macho be a geek be a idiot or be whoever u are. Just be unique in your own ways n terms that matters. The list mostly about communication skills and intelectual edges. And also tbh I find humble guy is wrekend than Mr.

Being friendly to a waiter or any stranger is hotter than sticking his nose to novels. Sincerity and loyalty are more appealing than those 10 on the list combined. Those are the qualities men tend to overlook and women underestimate.

And stop being phony plz. Money beats all these traits plus six packs. Unfortunately when I did most of them… Talking about books, doing your skart in your own, staring at cars… I got my girls bored… I guess i am surrounded by a wrong bunch.

I wish ssmart crush shared same thoughts as you… Then I would have had a real chance of dating her… Never mind. Your boyfriend is lucky. Wish you both a happy life…. Girls nd their needs.

Great sages of Himalayas have gave up trying to smarh what women really wants. Then obviously itz not our field to work on, lol. Read the article, made a lot of sense! Read the comments, realized why do people say that Humans are actually getting degraded! I have a PhD, a good job, and I own my own home. All of then together would blow.

Cute smart genuine guy looking for date this weekend

I just want to add, that as a Cute smart genuine guy looking for date this weekend, a fair of points on this list are the difference between no dates and a first date, or a few dates and a real relationship, regardless of looks; for me that is.

I hate to say that I agree with the comments that i have seen but I do. These are things that most girls in our society do not really go for forr a male counterpart. With that said, thinking deeper into the issue, if you are trying to attract girls, that is the problem! Real women really do want a man Share my black women xxx Laredo cock has most of these traits if not all of them.

The problem I am seeing these days is that girls kind of out number real women. These are the 10 things that turn the author on! To see who has the biggest…Brains? I was cripplingly shy when I was younger.

Smarrt dates no girls. Not an error I would expect from someone claiming to be a reader and a writer.