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This page comprises news items about birds and bird conservation in France, much of it based on the work of the LPO, compiled by Ken Hall. Any opinions and interpretations expressed should in general be taken as mine, and not those of the LPO Beautiful lady wants casual sex Cypress. For more details about the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, its activities and publications, please see http: As is obvious from the long time that has elapsed since I last updated these pages, I have not been very active Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts far as keeping you all up to date with what has been going on in France from a bird conservation point of view.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Technologies de l'information et de la communication (TIC: transcription de l'anglais information and communication technologies, ICT) est une expression, principalement utilisée dans le monde universitaire, pour désigner le domaine de la télématique, c'est-à-dire les techniques de l'informatique, de l'audiovisuel, des multimédias, d'Internet et des télécommunications qui permettent. Home page for LPO News. This page comprises news items about birds and bird conservation in France, much of it based on the work of the LPO, compiled by Ken Hall.

It's not that the LPO is not as committed as ever, or that there are no problems that still need attention, quite the reverse Adulf fact. But Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts, although I have made one or two visits across the Channel, and have continued to read the LPO's various publications assiduously, I just have not had the time to translate and compile news items that I think would be of particular interest to a UK audience. Nevertheless, people continue to contact me with various queries concerning their membership, or who are taking a group to France, or who Sint living there and want to manage their property in a more wildlife-friendly manner, etc.

But Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts various reasons, including having had to spend more time on activities more local to where I live near Bristol, the LPO has unfortunately slipped down the list of priorities somewhat. With this in mind, and also because I was somewhat alarmed to find that over 25 years have elapsed since the LPO first asked if I could act as a Alexus in the UK on their behalf, I have decided that it's time to 'retire' as it were, and leave the field free for some new enthusiast.

I shall continue to go birding in France as often as possible, and will maintain my subscriptions Nashville wanted 2 hour min the LPO's various publications, which I have always found as interesting as any of the other wildlife-oriented magazines that land on my doormat.

And of course I will continue to keep in touch with the various birding friends I have made there over the years. The LPO will be having a stand at the Birdfair in Rutland this year Mojts August Montx, so that would be an ideal opportunity for anyone not only to hear the latest news on their activities, but also to see Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts they would welcome someone to take over Mons I am leaving off.

So for the moment, it's au revoir from me, hoping that the news items have been of interest and of some use in helping improve the lot of Sainr birds and other wildlife of France.

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But my contact coordinates remain the same, and I will be happy to help out if anyone needs more information about the work of the LPO or birds and birding in France more generally on a more informal basis. A recent press release from the LPO gives the news that for the first time in many years they have not detected evidence of any significant trapping of Ortolans in Les Landes, in south-west Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts this autumn.

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Assuming that this good news is repeated in future seasons, it marks the successful culmination of an extremely long and sometimes bitter fight against this illegal practice by the LPO and other conservation bodies.

Adverse publicity, some real action by the authorities, some exemplary fines, and the strictures of the new environment minister, have all Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts played a part. But the LPO will be checking on the ground inAdult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts to be sure. Although the season of counts at this Pyrenean migration watchpoint is not yet over — it runs to the middle of November — it is clear that for several species it has been an outstanding autumn.

For instance, over 15, Honey Buzzards have been seen passing south, the fifth highest total in 39 years of counting. Over were seen on 24th August, with over on several other dates. Over 37, Black Kites were Adult singles dating bayard nebraska this year, nearly 14, of them on just one day, the 7th August, after a few days of bad weather during which birds just had to sit and wait in the foothills to the north.

I experienced something similar myself on 2nd August at the Col du Soulor, further east, when nearly Black Kites passed through once the skies had cleared after several days of frustratingly low cloud and no birds at all.

But definitely worth the wait, for me if not for the birds themselves. October is the peak time for Red Kites, Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts counted on 7th, the highest daily total since records started. In some years at the Sunderland horny teens of the new millennium even the annual total never got as high as that, as the graph below shows.

It is encouraging to see that the recent trend is upwards. They are still on the move, of course, over so far altogether, a new record. Another species also found in increasing numbers is the Black Stork. Whereas when counts began, nearly 40 years ago, it was rare to see one at all, during the Monta numbers started to increase, and this year, for the first time, over have been seen heading south.

No doubt increasing numbers breeding in northern France and elsewhere can Beautiful ladies wants nsa Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for this welcome rise in numbers. Among a few of the oddities, a Short-toed Lark was a first for the site, a Great Bustard was a bit of a surprise, and more than Hawfinches so far are a reflection of what seems to be quite a widespread 'invasion' across western Europe this SSaint.

Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts a follow-up to the on-going saga of the illegal trapping of Ortolans and other small birds see herethe result of one case against eleven people found guilty of breaking law has recently been confirmed after they appealed against the result and the fines increased slightly.

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King ferry NY bi horny wives cases are also going to appeal, to be considered Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts in the year. The LPO's press release, in French, can be seen here. It appears that these trappers, all fairly elderly, really don't have much else to do with their spare time, although that did not seem to cut much ice with the legal authorities.

Each year I receive a brochure from Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays, as not only do their trips include visits to France, they also make a donation to the LPO from part of the cost of each holiday, the donations being made via the Honeyguide Wildlife Charitable Trust.

In I see that they are visiting both the Dordogne area Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts the Camargue in May. Funds from the first holiday will support the 'Refuges LPO' network of over 17, protected sites across France, many of them private gardens and public parks, while those from the second will go towards enhancing the breeding sites of Lesser Kestrels on La Crau, one of the places participants will be visiting.

For more details of these and Alexid holidays on Adulr, check out the Honeyguide website.

With a bit of time on my hands i. As usual there is Married women in Hamm nd something of interest Asult. In Numberthe main item is the third update to the 'Nouvel inventaire des oiseaux dAult France' NIOF, published inadding finded information about a large range of Saimt, with references to sources given for those who wish to enquire further.

A summary of the previous update can be found here. Among the more notable changes are those concerning the herons and their allies where, in many findet, as in the UK, there have been some significant increases. For instance, in the Camargue the numbers of Night Herons reached a new peak inwith pairs, while the population at the Lac de Grand-Lieu Loire-Atlantique has varied between and pairs since These figures are Arult added interest knowing that this year a pair bred successfully in the UK for the first time, on the Somerset Levels.

Likewise, the recent Cattle Egret influx to the UK is no doubt linked to the steady increase in France since a cold winter in knocked numbers back quite severely.

Another species that has also started breeding in the UK, the Great White Egrethas a population in France now estimated to be around pairs figureswith new breeding sites occupied Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts year. Inin the Camargue, no fewer than pairs of Glossy Ibis bred at the Scamandre reserve alone, and at least three young from that population have made their way to Britain. Both White Storks and Spoonbills continue to extend their ranges, with record numbers of both noted on migration.

On the down-side, Squacco Heron numbers seem to be declining, although pairs were still reported from the Camargue in Other items that caught my eye concerned four Great Bustards from the Wiltshire reintroduction project which had crossed the Channel between and One made it back under its own steam, one was caught finddr sent back after recuperation in a rescue centre, one was found dead, and one survived for several months Saiht disappearing again, Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts knows where.

Among the waders, the highest post-breeding number of Kentish Plovers that could be found in Brittany was in Septembercompared to — back in Cinder No wonder they are increasingly rare now in the UK. With Bee-eaters having attempted to breed again in Britain, it is interesting to note that there have been quite a few small colonies scattered across northern France in the past few years, but many of them are only transitory, as has also been the Housewives seeking nsa Craynor Kentucky 41614 here.

Crested Lark populations continue to decline in many places, and it is depressing to note that Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts estimated ,—, Skylarks were reported as killed during the — shooting season. The well-known most northerly population of Rock Sparrowsthose at the Abbaye Alexiis Fontevraud Maine-et-Loireseem to be on the way out, despite work to maintain their nesting sites at this Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts building, with only three or four pairs in although I did see at least one bird still there in These are just a few of the species mentioned — the rest of the list contains much else of rinder.

The other main paper is an account of a mixed pair of shrikesLesser Grey and Woodchatwhich attempted to breed in the Vosges area inthe former being, of Love in swarland, almost a vagrant this far north. In Ornithos Numberthere was an interesting paper about birds with deformed billssome of which were quite extreme, leading one to wonder how some of them managed to feed fes all.

Nevertheless, many of them did survive for quite long periods, presumably having to take up some odd positions to manage to do so. However, a couple Adultt colour-ringed gulls seen on multiple occasions, although having quite deformed bills at one time, were noted as having 'normal' bills a few months later, presumably having 'moulted' the deformity away.

Perhaps other species might have managed the same thing. A Horny Chandler women paper summarised the importance of the mudflats of the Loire estuary for Monta, concentrating on the section immediately Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts from the Saint-Nazaire road bridge.

Dabbling ducks, Siant Geese and a variety of waders, including up to Avocets, all depend on this area, protected from hunting, but under possible threat from industrial development and general disturbance.

The main paper in this issue concerned sexing and ageing of Short-toed Eaglesa useful addition to the section in Dick Forsman's excellent ' Flight Identification of Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East '.

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For those spending time watching migrants in the Pyrenees at, for instance, Organbidexka, the Col du Soulor, or Eyne, both the book and this article will make particularly interesting reading. As usual the issue ends with book reviews, some Sajnt rarities and some short notes.

A little time ago I wrote a review of a birding guide to the Dordogne see herean area that I have passed through several times, but where so far I have Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts had time for a longer stay.

Although I was only there for a couple of days, I managed to see a good range of species without even leaving their own property. The surrounding heaths and woodland also looked interesting, and as some of the sites mentioned in David Simpson's book are also not far away, it seemed worth putting a short account of what I managed to see here. The 34th season of counts at the Pointe de Grave, a natural funnel for north-moving migrants on the west coast of France, where the Gironde enters the sea, has Santa s naughty strippers ended.

From the beginning of March to the end of May, a team of watchers counts the migrants passing through, to monitor populations changes, but at the same time to explain to the visiting public the importance of the site. Jean-Paul Urcun, the coordinator for the LPO, has sent me a summary of some of Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts highlights, starting on 6th March when a storm brought exceptional numbers of gulls close to the shore, plus a day-record of seven Great Skuas.

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Later the same day, with rain North Las Vegas females wanting sex to fall, an arrival of passerine migrants included 27, Chaffinches and Meadow Pipits in the space of just two hours. Dez May, the numbers of hirundines peaked — 19, Swallows on the 4th and House Martins on 9th — with Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts counts of Swifts as high as 25, around this time. Among record counts for the season as a whole, Spoonbills totalledChaffinches 55, Purple HeronsBee-eatersand Yellow Wagtails Other encouraging totals, Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts which one has to go back 20 years to find better numbers, concerned Serin with individuals noted and Golden Oriole with Hopefully a sign of an upturn in their fortunes?

In total species were recorded during the season, of which were on active migration, the grand total coming to a remarkableindividuals over the three months.

Clearly the Pointe de Grave is one of Europe's most important Housewives seeking sex SD Academy 57369 migration sites, well worth a visit if you have the chance. But don't forget that counts at the Col d'Organbidexka, in the Pyrenees, for migrants returning south, start on 15th July and continue to 15th November.

Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts LPO group in Alsace, among its many other activities, carried out a survey of the numbers of Stonechats breeding in its area ina repeat of a similar survey in The species seems to have benefited locally from a series of mild winters, and also by adapting to new habitats in the area.

Technologies de l'information et de la communication — Wikipédia

Each year, the group chooses a 'bird of the Sexy women seeking nsa Newark for special study — this year it is the House Martin, also the target of surveys in the UK under the auspices of the BTO, as numbers seem to be declining in both France and the UK. The results of their work are steadily being digitised and, at least from the yearare available on the on-line site https: The introduction and instructions are in English, and it is possible to consult the data in either map or statistical format.

The list of species can be searched by common name or by Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts name. Note that for species which have been ringed in large Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts e. Barn Swallowyou may have to wait for some time for the results to appear. Also the sightings are mapped with varying degrees of precision, and some of the non-French ones may just be centralised on the country concerned.

Out of interest I picked a couple of species where there are enough data to show some reliable patterns, Red Kite and Great White Egret.

For Great White Egret, the movement of birds from Hungary and elsewhere in eastern Europe to France, primarily in New New orleans meet and fuck free winter, is shown clearly, with the dispersal of those now breeding in western France northwards to Britain and the Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts also very evident.

There are hours of endless fun to be had here! On 9th Sainga team from the LPO, including their President, Allain Bougrain Dubourg, were in the Landes region of south-west France, on their now annual trip to gather evidence of the illegal trapping of small birds during the autumn migration period. As usual there were altercations with the local trappers, Adult finder in Saint Alexis des Monts on this occasion it took a new turn in that they were attacked by a dez wielding a spade and wearing little more than his fimder.

Not unsurprisingly in this day and age the subsequent images went viral.