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30 single and well you know

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I love avengers just can't remember anything haven't watched the movies on ages.

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Actually while they don't kiss or anything, clint and natasha do act likea couple and marvel suggest they are as well. Clint and Natasha aren't in a relationship bruceandnatasha for da win.

What are the answers. I got 14 out of 15 and a lot af these questions were wrong.

Erik Selvig is so not a main character. Third you should really put Avengers ONE quiz because there are 27 avengers counting the Guardians of the Galaxy, And if you didn't know there would be more avengers movies it is obvious: Also this quiz sucks!

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Ya mum gay I ship her and Bruce. I saw a few things wrong with this. But it was ok.

I pretty sure it was talking about the big things that were flying in the sky which are the leviathans or however you spell that, not the overall army which is the chitauri.

I can't see my answers.

I got 13 out of I see everyone has said the mistake with Black Widow in a relationship. There was something wrong with a few questions as well.

I am not going back to see but this test wasn't that great. I don't consider Erik Selvig to have been a main character in the movie either. Hawkeye and Black Widow aren't together btw. I want them to be tho!

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I do like her and Bruce together too. And wasn't it the Chitauri that were the aliens. Expected more from you.

I am a rabid Avengers addict. The quote with cap has an added letter he didn't say "one true God" he just said "only one God" and Welk was single in the movie.

Tony is with pepper.

Hawkeye has a wife and kids. Thor is with Jane.

Loki is the enemy and no one likes hi And Nick fury It is a really good quiz though. Delete this comment Cancel.

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